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More About Building Up Neighborhoods

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'Building Up Neighborhoods' in St. Johnsbury

Weekly on Wednesdays, from   6-7PM* at the HUB we will be hosting community workshops to support this project.
*Unless otherwise indicated; sessions are subject to change

11/8​ Information Session
11/29  Information Session
/6  Information Session
1/17  Information Session
1/24 CANCELED Information
(due to weather)

1/31 Information Session                           (Rescheduled from 1/24)
2/7 & 2/14 NO SESSIONS

2/21 The Art Of Gathering
2/28 About Neighbor Up Nights              & HUB Huddles
3/6 About Mini Grants & Event              Planning

3/13 Planning Session
3/20 Planning Session
3/27 Planning Session

What are the concerns in your neighborhood?

What are your ideas to strengthen the neighborhood?

This is your invitation to engage with your neighbors and help our community move forward.  The St. Johnsbury Community HUB is working with Discover St. Johnsbury and the Community Restorative Justice Center to re-establish St. Johnsbury’s neighborhood identities.


ALL members of the St. Johnsbury communities are invited to join this opportunity to build up neighborhoods through connections and ‘good neighboring’. There is a one-time financial incentive available to put towards and uplift the neighborhood-specific ideas that may emerge. As the community ‘good neighboring’ plans develop, the HUB will also support neighborhood-specific pop up innovations so others can join the fun! This mobile element will include huddles or neighborhood canvassing and/or Neighbor Up Nights–a HUB-facialited community gathering opportunity. These are additional means to bridge connection and invite engagement.

St. Johnsbury’s neighborhood associations were first formed in 2008 by the Community Restorative Justice Center (CRJC), in an effort to build residents’ civic engagement. At that time, CRJC was successful in fostering 8 community-led associations, but in the years since new efforts were needed to reinvigorate the project. Earlier this year, funding from the Vermont Community Foundation’s Regional and Local Impact grant program was received to allow CRJC, Discover St. Johnsbury, and the HUB to work together to identify natural neighborhood identities, support the formation of neighborhood groups, facilitate gatherings, and provide mini-grants and ongoing support. This collaborative project flows from each organization’s work to form deeper connections between neighbors in St. Johnsbury, to welcome new residents, to develop a shared sense of community pride, and to create bonds that cross socio-economic and political divides.

The St. Johnsbury Community HUB seeks to provide space, opportunity, and discovery for all NEK Vermonters. There is no one path toward stability for our neighbors, friends, and loved ones. The HUB seeks to support community neighbors to reestablish, expand and work to strengthen their community neighborhoods.

These gathering opportunities are for those who are interested in:

  • learning how to help us get to know each other

  • having access to a one time mini grant to put towards your own neighborhood

  • what the community support plan is as you grow your neighborhood ideas 

Reach out to us with questions!

Community Restorative Justice Center

Discovery St. Johnsbury

St. Johnsbury Community HUB

We hope you will consider joining this opportunity to build up neighborhoods in St. Johnsbury through connecting and 'good neighboring'.  

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