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Why a Hub?

About NEK Prosper!

NEK Prosper, formed in 2014, uses the Accountable Health Community model, the collective impact framework, and the principles of Results Based Accountability to lead their approach. NEK Prosper currently has participation from more than twenty organizations and had established five working groups – called Collaborative Action Networks – to champion five targeted areas: our community will be well-nourished, well-housed, physically healthy, mentally healthy, and financially secure. NVRH is the integrator organization for NEK Prosper! as an agency.

To learn about NEK Prosper! And the FIN-CAN visit NEK Prosper! homepage and the FIN-CAN  page. You can also visit NEK Prosper! Health Cents to discover more.

Financially Secure Community Action Network 

The St. Johnsbury Community Hub project, which emerged from NEK Prosper's Financially Secure Community Action Network or FIN-CAN, was the first awardee from NEK Prosper's Healthy Cents Fund. Project administration began the summer of 2020 with Umbrella, Inc. and Northeast Kingdom Community Action (NEKCA) sharing responsibilities. The effort to date has been marked by intensive community partner collaboration and energy.

Northern Vermont Regional Hospital, Green Mountain United Way, Northern Counties Health Care, Vermont Department of Labor and others have joined together through the FIN-CAN to support this project. Community led solutions for our region’s most intractable problems will be the backbone of the project.

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