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The Importance of the Hub

"The first grounding session was inspiring! I already feel more connected to our community because of this opportunity to hear other people’s stories. There were so many wonderful ideas for how to move forward. It’s community input like this that will make this accessible to everyone, no matter where they are on their journey, and create real and positive change in people’s lives."

— Brynn E of Barnet

“I thought the March 4th event was informative. It seems that the community would like the St. Johnsbury Community Hub to be a comfortable space to connect with neighbors and to learn new things, as well as a place that creates opportunities for people to move toward stability in their lives.”

— Zosia P of Sutton

"It's always great to find people who are humble, fun, smart... and who want to get people thinking about bettering the NEK (which is already so awesome that I had to move here). I look forward to the next meeting in Lyndon!"

— Rocky P of Lyndonville

"I attended the first Neighbor Up gathering last night. I met new neighbors, watched kids create their own games and listened to people expressing their needs and desires for our community. Looking forward to continued growth!"

— Susanne E of Barnet

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