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Our Work Through Community Eyes


Learn about the impact of the Hub through community member and agency partner reflection.  This is a great opportunity to hear directly about our impact and work. Discover the different experiences people are having. 

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Agency Partner

Sarah K.

“The Community Hub was a welcoming and inviting space. I was called by Juliet to come down to the Hub to provide Advocacy support to a young mom who had dropped in. She was new to the area and had been looking for resources and connection to her new community. I feel the HUB space worked entirely as it was intended in the situation. I was able to pop in and provide support to the client and meet them where they were at. I feel removing barriers is extremely important in advocacy work as sometimes the person only has that one opportunity to reach out. I appreciated that there was a separate space that we could meet privately if needed...They do say it takes a village!”

Community Member

Stacy T.

“Thank you for inviting me to the St. Johnsbury Community Hub! It was wonderful to feel the energy of people coming in, and seeing a community member receiving support from the Department of Labor staff in preparation of his upcoming presentation.”

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Community Member

Steve K.

“I attended a Neighbor Up Night at the St. Jay Hub on Wednesday, and was pleasantly surprised at the space, and the people; we had a discussion led by Kingdom Recovery Center, along with eats, and there was a cross section of St. Jay there. I would recommend the Hub to anyone.”

Agency Partner 

Nichol M.

“As someone who is new to their role...I still have lots to learn and am confident that not only will  [time at the Hub...] be helping community members, but will also be helping myself. These [ times at the Hub ] will allow me to gain more knowledge of community partners and resources I can use with my case management. I think the Hub is a truly wonderful place and the magic behind how connections are made there is fascinating. I am definitely looking forward to being more involved there in the future.”

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Your thoughtfulness was very much appreciated.  With all my heart I can now stop worrying...Now I can drive safely.

Mary B., Community Member
Said upon receiving a community donation of snow tires

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