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About the St. Johnsbury Community Hub

The St. Johnsbury Community Hub Project seeks to provide discovery, opportunity and space. Disjointed service delivery systems, agency limitations along with individual circumstances of instability and inadequate opportunities are areas of concern in Caledonia and Southern Essex Counties. Ongoing community input and buy-in is at the heart of this pilot project. The Hub is to be a space open to the public, offering scheduled and impromptu opportunities, for the local community to access. The Hub Project is in its infancy. We used virtual discussions to introduce the project and to hear more directly from persons living and working in and around Caledonia and Southern Essex County.

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As a starting point, St. Johnsbury will serve as the center of the wheel.  As the project continues to expand, mobile and satellite spaces will be created. This project is looking to hear how the community identifies its needs.  There is no blanket solution. Building support and addressing the unique needs of the region will come from the inside, out.  Through various engagement opportunities the project will continue to invite community perspective and voice in.

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The St. Johnsbury Community Hub project is funded through a three year grant from the Healthy Cents Fund and the Vermont Community Foundation. In addition, NEKCA, applied for and received a generous grant through an anonymous donor to support aspects of this project, including providing opportunity for the contributions and direct support of Trusted Spaces Partners co-founder, Bill Traynor.

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